KNIGHT AND MAGIC Online Community Terms & Conditions:

The following guidelines have been set up for your protection and the protection of others inside our community.

1. Privacy Policy:  Knight & Magic does not collect or log personal or location data of any kind.  Furthermore, we will not share any user information with outside parties.  The only information our systems store relate to user character status (hair color, inventory, account balances) to enhancing the game play experience within our community. 

2. User account (account): Players can register for 1 free account per device.  Please store your account name and password safely after registration, as you need this info to enter the game and to contact customer service for help with your account.

3. Free to Play: User can enter our gaming community on their phone by Wifi, GPRS and 3G.  We do not charge users to enter, but local telco fees may apply depending on your country and choice of connection.  Please check with your local operator for details.

4. Right to Suspend or Terminate Account: If you provide any untruthful or inaccurate information, or if we have reasons to suspect that such information is incorrect or untruthful, we have the right to temporarily suspend an account to investigate and/or terminate an account without incurring any liability.

5. Account Password: Please record your account password safely and do not share it with anyone.  This is used to protect your character identity and account information.  Please note that no employee at Knight & Magic will ever ask you for your password inside the gaming community - so do NOT share it with anyone.  

6. Character Name: You can create your account for free. Do not register a misleading name, like Admin, or use bad words - as our system regularly checks and auto-bans these names.

7. In-App Payments:  Our games are free to play, but offer players a chance to buy GEMS.  Only buy GEMS via official channels, and do not fall for scam-sites offering free GEMS, as these are fake sites wanting to steal passwords.

8. Absolutely do not use any program, tool or other way to alter normal game play results (hack, cheat, bots ...) or interfere with the gaming server. All violations being detected will be dealt with accordingly.

9. Customer Service:  Upon detecting an error in the game, please notify us via our forum at

10. Virtual items should only be purchased with in-game currencies and not real money.  Knight & Magic is not responsible if players attempts to buy or sell items using real money.  Furthermore, we will not restore any objects or characters lost this way.  We reserve the right to deactivate any account permanently for this violation.  

11. When communicating with other players, you must not harass, curse, or ridicule other players for any reason (cultural, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc).

12. Users are strictly prohibited from impersonating another person or Admin in the game. We reserve the right to deactivate any account permanently for this violation.  

13. Knight & Magic will not be liable for any problems that may occur when you install and use the game on your mobile device.

14. We reserve the full right to delete, repair or change the data, account information in cases that violate our community rules without the consent of users.

15. Users should not discuss propaganda or misrepresentation against any government or  political institutions.  We reserve the right to deactivate any account permanently for this violation. 

16. Players are strictly forbidden to promote any other product inside our community.

17. All forms of organised betting, gambling or other agreements related to money are prohibited.  

18. We have the right to delete a user account if a user does not log-in 30 days after the date of registration, or if a user has not logged in over 6 months.

19. Knight & Magic may change, supplement or modify this agreement at any time, which will be clearly announced inside our community and forums.  

Enjoy Everywhere!